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HSE Introduction and Benefits

HSE Introduction and Benefits

Human Software Engineering (HSE) created by Tom Stone in 1997 is an emerging field that views the body and everything in it as patterns of energy and information.

Intellectual understanding and will power alone are typically ineffective at removing these energy patterns. Just as intellectually understanding that you have a virus on your computer doesn’t get it off of the hard drive. You must run the appropriate anti-virus software to remove the electro-magnetic charge or barrier that “is” the virus. With extensive and unique research Tom discovered exactly what the “bugs” are in our inner human software and how to eliminate them… permanently. It’s like running anti-virus software or dragging unwanted files to the recycle bin – but for humans!

The new field of Human Software Engineering has discovered that the “bugs” in our inner human software exist as conflicts between what we “think” and what we “know”.

What we think is stored in our mind. It’s our cognitive database. What we experience is stored in our bodies. That’s our experiential database. We “know” things by directly experiencing them. This means that our “knowing” resides in our body. When you think something but you have experienced something else there is an inner conflict. Such conflicts cloud decision making and result in ineffective action (or no action).

The reason that traditional approaches are not that effective is that when you use only mental methods you are only dealing with half of the equation. You only get access to your “thinking” not your experiential “knowing”. In HSE we use new techniques that allow us to find the conflicts between what you think (your cognitive database) and what you “know” through direct experience (your experiential database). In addition, HSE has developed new techniques that fully and permanently resolve these inner conflicts so that you get the output/results in your life that you really want. HSE liberates you from the powerful influence of your conditioning that has been limiting you and sabotaging your life.

This is why with HSE we can both identify and resolve inner conflicts that traditional approaches can’t touch.

It has now become possible to change things that have previously been difficult or impossible to change. Trauma, anxiety, deeply conditioned negative habits and the underlying causes of many challenging mental and physical health issues can now be solved rapidly and easily.

HSE is a set of extraordinary technologies based on the principles of physics and consciousness which liberate you from the powerful influence of your conditioning that has been limiting you and sabotaging your life, and this is why with HSE we get lasting breakthroughs in areas where it has been difficult or impossible to get in the past.

Benefits from Human Software Engineering

  • Resolves a wide range of problems that were difficult or impossible to solve in the past such as trauma, anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, grief, addictions, nightmares, anger, disappointment, frustration, resentments and more.
  • Is fast and cost effective
  • Creates self-sufficiency
  • Creates peace of mind and powerful self-expression
  • Creates clarity in decision making
  • Transforms average performance into extraordinary performance and productivity
  • Develops powerful presence and integrity
  • Produces permanent results

We offer the unique tools of HSE through a broad range of general and specialized areas including physical and emotional health, severe trauma resolution and elimination of addictions as well as personal and professional development and training programs. These programs are available for individuals, groups and organizations.

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  • As well as detailed information on how to make the most of HSE for Yourself, Your Clients, Your Organization and the World.