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Extraordinary Selling

Extraordinary Selling

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When someone’s best efforts don’t produce the desired results, sometimes it is due to the outer circumstances but more often the lack of success comes from internal self-sabotage, most of which is unconscious. This is because the bugs in our inner human software that cause problems in selling are grounded in conditioning that originates in very early childhood from before we develop speech.

What if it were possible to “debug” the fear of rejection, call reluctance, fears of not being good enough, the fear of failure, the causes of ineffective time management? What if it were possible to remove every inner barrier to selling success? Just imagine it… Sales would skyrocket!

See this short video of Tom Stone explaining on how HSE is used to eliminate the fear of rejection. – Vaporize Your Fear of Rejection

This is now possible using the new technology of Human Software Engineering. When we use HSE to eliminate these inner barriers it is possible for the upgraded salesperson to create excellent business relationships in which sales in which sales are the natural outcome.

The Extraordinary Selling Program uses a unique set of new techniques to identify and remove all of the inner barriers to selling success.

Two Basic Factors to Good Selling

There are two fundamental important factors in good selling:

  1. Being free of fear and stress
  2. Creating authentic relationships of trust

Being free of fear and stress

The first factor is the state of being of the salesperson. If they are stressed or anxious they are not going to be very effective. Using the HSE techniques we can debug and upgrade salespeople to eliminate all of the fears and stresses that normally sabotage the selling process.

Creating authentic relationships of trust

It is obvious that in order for people to do business with you, they have to trust you. This means that you have to be authentic, honest, genuinely interested in helping them fulfill their desire, have integrity, not have hidden agendas, and be an excellent listener and communicator. You can’t fake it, because people can feel the difference between authenticity and lack of confidence. No one likes to feel that they are being sold something. You know how that feels. To insure that a salesperson can naturally create this foundation of trust with prospective buyers, some subtler “bugs” in people’s inner human software that can undermine trust need to be identified and debugged.

Now for the first time in human history, Human Software Engineering makes it possible and even easy to debug the inner barriers to people being truly authentic. This is a unique program that identifies and removes people’s inner barriers to effective selling. It has an extraordinary effect on improving sales performance but it is also very valuable for anyone in the organization who needs to “sell” their ideas or enlist support or cooperation for a project. Therefore a large percentage of the organization will benefit from going through this program.

Here’s an example –

Gary learned HSE and resolved many of his fears and stresses with the techniques. The authentic trusting relationship he developed with his coaching clients produced nearly double the results of his colleagues. Here’s a note from him about it –

Dear Tom,

Recently at Robbins Research the sales team created a pool of money to reward coaches with the highest re enrollments.  Out of 65 coaches I got the highest bonus and had the highest number of re enrollments. Overall, the average for all coaches on re enrollments is 25%  and my re enrollment percentage is 47%.  

That was over the time when I was about at 50% capacity due to fatigue and I did not use any strategies to obtain re enrollments other than just coach.  Bottom line, the more these other coaches learn this technology the smaller my bonus will be but I would welcome that outcome 🙂


Gary Rush – Coach

Robbins Research International, Inc.
9888 Carroll Centre Road, Ste. 100
San Diego, California 92126


This program has flexibility in the design and class size with a minimum of 8 hours in a variety of formats. Individual coaching is also available for maximum optimization.

To inquire send us an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

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