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Extraordinary Presenting

Extraordinary Presenting

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Debugging the biggest hurdle to effective public speaking

In surveys about what people fear most, the fear that often comes out on the top of the list is the fear of public speaking. Interestingly, it’s often even listed higher on the list than the fear of death! People are afraid of what people are going to think of them.  Underneath this is a very fundamental fear that their need for acceptance, approval, recognition, acknowledgement, etc. will not be met. All of this is due to a form of deep pre-verbal conditioning that is explained from the HSE model called The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning. The Core Dynamic that is operating in the case of the fear of public speaking is the one on the left side of the model called – Looking for Yourself Where You Are Not. (For more explanation of this Core Dynamic see – Looking for Yourself Where You Are Not). Looking for Yourself Where You Are Not There is a special way of eliminating this fear using HSE Techniques and it is quite easy to do this. It usually takes about 5 to 15 minutes and then the fear of public speaking is typically gone… permanently. After “debugging” this fear people report that they no longer fear public speaking and feel totally at ease presenting to groups of any size. They are usually astonished about how different they feel and how liberating it is to be free of this fear.

How to be Consistently Authentic, Inspiring, Relevant, Compelling and Effective

In the Extraordinary Presenting Program we also teach a special technique called the Presence Technique that does upgrades your ability to present in several powerful ways.

  • It’s a unique way of being able to know exactly what to say even when you feel that you are at a loss for words and don’t know what to say next.
  • The Presence Technique also makes what you say have the quality of being totally authentic.
  • Your audience feels that you are really connected with them.
  • People who have learned and use the Presence Technique report that they receive a lot of praise for presenting from those who listen to them.

During the Extraordinary Presenting Program we debug all participants for anything that would get in the way of being a truly extraordinary presenter. The contrast between the quality of your presentations before and after this training are so dramatic people will be asking you what happened to you! To inquire about this program send us an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

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