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Extraordinary Performance

Extraordinary Performance

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The Extraordinary Performance Program is designed to upgrade anyone from where they currently are to 100% for every quality of a top performer. Average people become better than your current top performers. And top performers become super stars.

The following video contains a demonstration of how the Extraordinary Performance Program works. The demo is in the later part of the video but it starts with explaining how HSE is used to reduce stress and burnout first. You’ll find that interesting too!

The program begins with a half-day group orientation to introduce participants to the new concepts and tools of Human Software Engineering through explanation and demonstrations. At the heart of the program is a new form of assessment tool called the Stone Index. Using an innovative and highly effective method of testing called the Precision Intuition Tool, we can test for congruence or discrepancies between a person’s cognitive database and their experiential database. We can now rapidly and accurately quantify how much an individual is exhibiting qualities of a top performer very quickly. The qualities that we test for initially are:

  1. Focus and Presence
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration and Cooperation
  4. Adaptability
  5. Serving and Supporting
  6. Authenticity
  7. Decisive Action from Clarity
  8. Initiative
  9. Open Minded
  10. Planning and Coordination
  11. Empowerment and Self-sufficiency
  12. Ethics and Integrity
  13. Creativity and Innovation
  14. Masterful Enrollment
  15. Presentation Excellence
  16. Emotional Competence
  17. Productivity
  18. Trusts and Acts on Intuition
  19. Masterfully Navigates Uncertainty
  20. Thinks Outside the Box
  21. Stays Balanced Under Stressful Situations

Computer software engineers have tools for finding the bugs in computer code. Like that, human software engineers have tools for finding and fixing the bugs in people’s inner human software. An orientation to the new tools and methods of Human Software Engineering will be provided at the beginning of each new program for all participants.

Each participant in the Extraordinary Performance Program will be tested by a Human Software Engineer (HSE) to determine the current degree that the participant is exhibiting optimal performance on a scale of 0 to 100 for each attribute.  This assessment will clearly indicate which attributes are in greatest need of upgrading. For example some people will need work on being upgraded for optimal communication where as someone else may need more work on the ability to be focused and present.  A plan can then be made to debug and upgrade a series of attributes to improve the full functionality of each of the tested attributes of top performance for the participant.

Once the appropriate sequence of attributes has been identified in the performance upgrade plan, the HSE will then identify exactly what the specific inner human software bugs are that are keeping the participant from functioning at less than 100% for the first top performer attribute. The HSE uses a model that provides penetrating insights into the nature of our human conditioning that sets us up for being emotionally incompetent, looking externally for validation and often trying to force things to be some way that our ego thinks is best. Here’s a venn diagram of these deep-seated patterns of conditioning as they appear in business. The model is called the 12 Primary Barriers to Extraordinary Performance.

12 Primary Barriers to Extraordinary Performance

The next step is for the HSE to guide the participant through the process of “debugging” the bugs in his/her inner human software to move that person up the index towards 100% for the first attribute that is being worked on. In most cases participant’s inner human software can be debugged, upgraded and optimized so that they can then operate at 100% for any given attribute.  This usually occurs in 1 to 3 individual sessions. Sometimes more than one attribute can be debugged during just one session.

Once the first attribute has been optimized to 100% the HSE will then test for the next optimal attribute to be optimized and proceed with the same debugging and upgrading for each attribute until every one of the attributes of being a top performer has been upgraded to 100%.

In the process the conditioning that has been undermining the person’s effectiveness is changed in such a way that it is no longer an insidious default habitual behavior. This makes it possible to now operate in entirely new ways that the person simply could access before. They now begin to operate without the barriers to extraordinary performance. Their functioning starts to look like this:

Attributes of Ext Perf

This is a new technology. Nothing like it has every existed before. Relatively few people (only those who have gone through this program) exist who are operating at 100% for all the attributes of being a top performer.

Problems and challenges that you have had that you know about will be vaporizing. And problems that you have but were not fully aware that they were there will be identified and debugged as well. This process is going to have a profound effect both on improving your productivity as well as your ability to enjoy your work and your life.

To inquire about the Extraordinary Performance Program send us an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

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