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Extraordinary Leadership

Extraordinary Leadership

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HSE using it’s unique combination of tools and techniques to get rid of the inner blocks and barriers to being a truly effective leader. We do this in a way that is so different from anything else you have experienced that you have to see it or experience it directly to believe it.

A lot has been written about leadership and many good leadership training programs exist. However, at the heart of being a good leader is a high level of emotional competence. So far, emotional competence training although helpful doesn’t even come close to the level of emotional competence created by using HSE to debug and upgrade a leader’s level of emotional competence.

Imagine a leader who is so present and grounded in him or her self that they can be both sensitive to and responsive to someone’s needs but without compromising what’s best for the organization.

Highly emotionally competent leaders are not distracted by emotional reactivity. They have clear and powerful presence. This comes from debugging the not-useful emotions accumulated in the past and skillfully resolving new emotional challenges that come up as work and life progress over time.

Highly emotionally competent leaders can clearly distinguish between the circumstances of a situation and both their own and other’s reactions to the circumstances. Then instead of reacting out of old conditioned behaviors, they can act from a clear sense of what is truly optimal for each situation.

This ability to separate people’s reactions from the circumstances and especially the ability to quickly and thoroughly resolve the reactions in themselves and others, brings everyone into an ideal state of being for finding and implementing the most creative and effective solutions to whatever challenges and opportunities the organization is facing as it progresses.

Such leaders are truly extraordinary. We transform ordinary leaders into Extraordinary Leaders by debugging and upgrading their inner human software to allow them to access their natural greatness and fully express it in their work and in their life as a whole.

The barriers to Extraordinary Leadership and the Attributes of Extraordinary Leadership are the same as those for Extraordinary Performance. Charts showing these barriers and attributes as well as a video demonstrating stress reduction and how the Extraordinary Performance and Leadership Programs are done can be seen on our page about Extraordinary Performance.

They become more fulfilled and they bring new levels of success and progress to your organization that are not possible to get if the leader is left to function simply out of their old conditioned habitual reactions.

Sometimes leaders can be “too good” at what they do according to authors Robert Kaplan and Robert Kaiser as explained in their book – Fear Your Strengths: What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem, 

In the book they address a glaring oversight in the field of executive development—namely the lack of attention paid to the danger of leaders taking their strengths too far,” according to a press release issued by Kaplan DeVries Inc.

Kaplan and Kaiser culled from years spent working with executives to provide examples of leaders for whom the strengths that helped push them up the ladder have ultimately undercut their effectiveness once in the boss’s seat.

For instance, one such go-getter—a division president at a large healthcare technology company—is apparently “so adept at wielding his intellectual firepower and charisma that he shuts down people around him,” according to a colleague. As a result, he explains, “people then seek to be in agreement with him rather than bringing their best thinking,” effectively disengaging team members and hampering their ability to contribute.

The solution to this problem is to debug the leader’s inner human software to eliminate the “bugs” that are causing this kind of imbalance. This is an excellent example of the kind of problems that can be solved by HSE that are difficult to solve by other means. Even if such a leader intellectually understands that he needs to tone back his intellectual prowess, such understanding will very likely not produce consistent results as such behaviors become deeply conditioned ways of being and tend to override what happens even when you intellectually understand the problem.

Our Extraordinary Leadership program is an executive coaching/training program that roots out and resolves hidden fears and other emotions that insidiously undermine good leadership. They bring the emotions, intellect and ego into balance like nothing else. The result of debugging and upgrading the inner human software of a leader in this way is that they can then make decisions without the clouding, distracting insidious influences that such deeply conditioned patterns tend to cause.

The result, no barriers to making the best decisions for your organization.

Contact us to arrange for a no obligation assessment of how HSE based leadership training can transform the leaders in your organization into being truly extraordinary – send us an email using the form on the Contact Us page.

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