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How to Get the Most Out of Human Software Engineering for Your Organization

Emotionally competent people

dramatically outperform emotionally incompetent ones

Upgrade Your Organization with Human Software Engineering

  • What if you could radically increase productivity and the mental/emotional health of everyone in your organization?
  • What if there was a way to have the people in your organization suddenly be able to make dramatically better use of all of the training that your company has invested in over the years?

New Organizational and Management Tool Kit

You want your people to be at their best

It’s natural for managers to want to have tools that help the people in their organization be as effective and productive as possible, as well as tools that help them be happy and healthy. Every manager knows that their people are their most valuable asset. So new tools that can optimize productivity, effectiveness and the physical and emotional health of their people would be a very welcome resource.

HSE provides a new paradigm for Management Tools

HSE Programs provide exactly this new tool kit. Think of it like this. If you suddenly found out that all of the computers in your offices were running on an old bugged operating system that was undermining everyone’s productive dramatically, what would you do? You’d have the IT department all over it in a heartbeat. You’d have the operating systems upgraded to eliminate the cause of the lost productivity immediately.

The reality is that the people in your organization are all running on old bugged inner human software operating systems. Their productivity is undermined by their learned, engrained habitual behaviors.  You don’t realize it because there has never been any other frame of reference. But you intuitively know that people are not functioning at there best.

Attempting to improve people with training

Everyone knows that your business is only as good as the people in it. This is why companies invest in training. But the return on training investments are usually not satisfactory. Most HR professionals say that implementation for the majority of training programs isn’t ideal. This is because everyone is inclined to operate out of their conditioned habitual behaviors. They tend to go back to the way that they are used to functioning as it is more well grooved and familiar.

This is due to the phenomenon of conditioning. People get conditioned to operate in ways that are deeply impacted by their fears and other emotional reactions. They are also deeply conditioned to not be good at resolving their “not-useful” emotions.

In modern corporate life, it is expected to have people leave their emotions at the door. But although they may or may not display their emotions externally, the truth is that most people really can’t and don’t leave their emotions at the door.

They try to suppress their emotions which at least gives the outer appearance of not being influenced by them. But inside being lost to emotional reactions really undermines people’s ability to be present and productive.

People also get overwhelmed by their emotions. Very few people know how to really properly handle their emotional life. Emotional incompetence is rampant… It’s universal. It’s difficult to implement new behaviors when you are feeling victimized by your emotional reactions, even if you are so used to it that you think it is just normal.

People’s emotional incompetence leads to both Absenteeism and various forms of Presenteeism.

Definition of ‘Presenteeism’

A loss of workplace productivity resulting from employee health problems and/or personal issues. Even though the employee is physically present at work, because they are experiencing problems such as arthritis, allergies, family illness or stress, they are unable to fully perform their work duties and are more likely to make mistakes in the work they do perform.

This is what we mean, that people are running on an old bugged inner human software operating system.

Upgrading the Human Operating System

However, now HSE provides a new unique technology that can debug people’s inner human software and break through the entrenchment of those old conditioned ways of being. This now makes it possible for the first time to dramatically upgrade people’s ability to implement and benefit from all training programs they’ve ever received or will receive in the future. This is a massive upgrade of people’s inner human software operating system and a huge leveraging of your training investments both past and future.

The creators of Human Software Engineering have been researching deeply into the nature of human conditioning for many years. We have been discovering insights about exactly what holds our conditioning in place and what makes it so hard to get people to make positive changes in how they function. We’ve discovered why people are not very good at resolving problems like anxiety, stress and trauma and how to dramatically upgrade their ability to rapidly and thoroughly resolve such problems, greatly increasing their productivity.

Our programs are unique in several ways:

  1. They identify and resolve the basis of inner human software conflicts that prevent people from living and expressing their highest potential.
  2. Participants learn highly practical techniques that they begin to use and benefit from immediately. These techniques become part of their new tool kit and allow them to remove the inner barriers to extraordinary performance continuously even after this unique training program is completed. This way, the benefits of the techniques continue to support ever-increasing performance throughout each person’s life and work.
  3. The barriers to extraordinary performance are mostly invisible to each person. These are the bugs in their inner human software. Everyone is generally clueless that these limitations are present and therefore have no idea either that they are there or what to do about them.
  4. HSE based programs provide breakthrough after breakthrough in becoming aware of and removing these insidious barriers to extraordinary performance.
  5. Our various programs involve seminar style interactive learning, one-on-one coaching over a six-month period for each participant or both. Every participant has the opportunity to gain access to and master aspects of their potential that they haven’t even known exist.

HSE based programs are available to debug and upgrade the inner human software of management and employees within companies, non-profis as well as government and other organizations. There are standardized programs such as:

in addition, programs can be developed to meet specialized needs of your organization.

Human Software Engineering technologies and techniques offer truly unprecedented advantages to organizations that recognize the value of upgrading their human capital. HSE’s ability to upgrade human capital is unique in the world today.

If you are ready to see extraordinary improvements in productivity, profits and corporate culture we invite you to take full advantage of HSE’s unique programs. Upgrade the inner human software of your human capital and thus the productivity, profitability, happiness and health of your organization.

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