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What are the Pure Awareness Techniques?

Overview of the Eight Pure Awareness Techniques

How to Experience Pure Awareness


This technique is the simplest way of experiencing Pure Awareness. It’s really very easy. GAP is an acronym for Greater Awareness Place. This is done by simply directing your awareness to notice itself, your essential nature, which is the silent background in which all of your thoughts and perceptions occur. Here’s an audio recording of how to do the GAP Technique – Audio Example


The same Pure Awareness that you experience as the background of silence in which your thoughts occur permeates the entire universe. This is not just an idea that Pure Awareness permeates the entire universe, lots of people have written about that. Rather this technique, which I call AGAPE – an acronym for Accessing Greater Awareness Place Everywhere, actually gives you the direct experience of your essential nature of Pure Awareness filling up everything in the entire universe. It also gives you the experience of your essential nature – Pure Awareness – as the essential nature of every other person and every other thing that you can ever experience. Here’s an audio recording of how to do the AGAPE Technique – Audio Example.

How to Vaporize Your Ego

Vaporizing Your Identifications and thus Your Ego – What if you can’t seem to experience the silent background in which your thoughts occur? Although most people can experience it, sometimes you may be so caught up in an emotional reaction that there just doesn’t seem to be any silence inside of you at all. You’re caught in the grip of an emotional reaction. You expected things to turn out a certain way but they didn’t and now you are upset. Or you are projecting the possibility of some negative outcome onto the future and you are experiencing anxiety or fear that something bad might happen. The background of silence is overshadowed by these reactive emotions.


When you are caught up in the grip of an emotional reaction to an unmet expectation you won’t feel like you have access to that silent background in which the thoughts occur. You are having a reaction and it isn’t pretty. But you are so used to it that you think this kind of reaction is simply normal. It isn’t. It’s just a deeply conditioned response.

The technique for extracting yourself from being lost to an emotional reaction like this is called the SEE Technique. SEE stands for Side Entrance Expansion. It’s a technique for very quickly and directly experiencing the contrast between first being lost to your emotion and then being in Pure Awareness. People say that it seems like magic. They never experienced coming out of a reactive emotion so quickly and thoroughly. It is so easy and fast to come out of the grip of an emotional reaction that it will amaze you too once you experience it. You will also recognize that your reaction was based on a story that you had made up that wasn’t even real. It was about something that you were projecting on to the future that only existed in your mind, not in reality. – Audio Example


The WONDER Technique – Wait On Neutral During Emotional Reactions, is a great way to eliminate old conditioned responses and habits that you want to change. This is also called Unplugging the Power Cord or Shifting To Neutral but those words didn’t make as good an acronym. This technique helps you to stop engaging in habits that tend to perpetuate themselves without you seeming to have any control over them. These keep you stuck in habitual ways of being that simply don’t work for you any more. They comprise the part of the Ego that is made up of our habitual ways of being. We are so identified with these kinds of habits that we engage in them as if they were actually a part of who we are. They aren’t. It just feels like they are. Using the WONDER Technique you will learn how to nip them in the bud and let them sink back into nothingness just as they are about to rear their ugly head. This creates a gap of awareness that frees you from the identification with the habit. With just a little practice the default clueless nature of such habits vaporizes. Instead of replacing the old habit with a new one, you start making choices and taking action from the wonder of uncertainty, responding spontaneously to the needs of the moment with the fullness of your being rather then from a previously learned habitual behavior that’s not necessarily the optimal response to each moment.

How to Know that You Know

When you live from Pure Awareness all the time you know things from deep within yourself and you don’t need to justify this kind of knowing with your intellect. This concept may seem quite foreign to most people as we are so deeply conditioned to rely on our mind and intellect. But our intellect may not be the best tool to use for important decisions like who to marry, what career to choose, where to live, etc. For such important things but for that matter for everything in our life we would certainly like our decisions to be based on something that is really connected to who and what we really are, to be based on what we really want not on what we think we should do or what others think we should do.


We can cultivate the ability to access our inner Knowing and begin to get the clear distinction between our Knowing and our conditioned thinking by using a Pure Awareness Technique called SANYAMA. SANYAMA is originally a word from the Sanskrit language that was used to describe a technique dropping a desire or question into Pure Awareness and getting a response. The practice was originally described by Yogi Patanjali who is thought by some to be the father of the whole field of yoga. I found that the word SANYAMA could also be used as an acronym that beautifully describes this process. It stands for – Silent Awareness Notices Your Answers Manifesting Automatically. This technique develops the ability to clearly distinguish between your thinking and your knowing. As you get good at it you begin to have clearer and clearer perception and the reach of your perception begins to extend outwards in both time and space. One consequence of this is that you begin to trust and act on your intuition more and more. You also develop the ability to more and more clearly “remember the future.” – Audio Example


Also part of the method of knowing that you know is to learn to WAIT. The WAIT Technique stands for Waiting Accesses Intuitive Truth. Have you ever had a desire and then forgotten about it for a time and then all of a sudden the fulfillment of your desire just shows up without you doing anything to bring it about? The WAIT Technique helps you to live like that all the time.This is a technique for bringing yourself into alignment with the Law of Least Effort in nature. When you learn how to wait for the perfect timing for things then they happen either seemly by themselves or with an “in the Zone” like effortlessness.

How to vaporize the unresolved emotional pain stored in your body

When we are little we are easily emotionally overwhelmed. We have a delicate nervous system that doesn’t yet have the capacity to process many of the intense emotional experiences that we have as a very young human being. As a result we end up not completing many of our intense emotional experiences and it appears that these become stored in our body. These incomplete experiences become our “emotional baggage.” Everyone seems to have plenty of these and they produce a kind of screen or barrier between us and our natural experience of presence of Pure Awareness.


What is needed is an efficient way to complete these incomplete overwhelming emotional experiences from the past. The CORE Technique is the most efficient way I have found for doing this. CORE stands for Center Of Remaining Energy. It is a process of doing the opposite of what we are conditioned to do. We are conditioned to go away from where the energy of emotional pain stored in the body is the most intense. During the CORE Technique you dive right into the center of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete emotional experience that is held in your body.

Allowing yourself to feel into the most intense part of the energy of an incomplete experience of emotional intensity is VERY different than simply “feeling your feelings.” It is as different as a laser beam is from a flash light beam. Laser beams can be so powerful that they can cut through very hard materials. A flash light can penetrate the darkness but it doesn’t cut through anything. Like that the process of just feeling the energy of a feeling in your body is an inefficient way to complete incomplete intense emotional experiences.

The CORE Technique however is laser like. It penetrates down into the heart of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete experience. This allows you to rapidly and thoroughly complete the experience of the energy that is held there. Imagine for a moment that the suitcases filled with incomplete emotional pain from the past form a layer of energy between you and the continuous experience of Pure Awareness. This layer of energy is like a layer of cheese between you and Pure Awareness. Each time you use the CORE Technique to complete one of your incomplete intense emotional experiences it is like making a hole in the cheese. The cheese becomes more and more Swiss cheese like. The idea is to keep making holes in the Swiss cheese until it is all holes and no cheese. Then Pure Awareness shines through unobstructed. Audio Example Video Example


When there are subtler residual patterns of emotional energy held in the body that are difficult to get access too there is a simple way to be able to bring them into awareness. This technique is a special case use of the SANYAMA Technique combined with the CORE Technique. It is called the GPS Technique. The acronym stands for Gentle Provocation System. The GPS Technique is used as a kind of vacuum cleaner for cleaning up any residual emotional energy of incomplete experiences when it is otherwise not easy to determine if something is still held in your system or not. – Audio Example

Developing Emotional Competence

When you learn and use the Pure Awareness Techniques you begin to develop a much greater level of emotional competence. Becoming Emotionally Competent means being able to recognize and distinguish between emotions that are useful and those that are not. The upgraded definition of emotional competence as we use the term in Human Software Engineering also means that you know the CORE and SEE Techniques and how and when to use them to completely resolve not-useful emotions.

This is very powerful. For the first time in human history we now have the technology for coming out of the grip of emotions. You don’t have to continue to live as the victim of your emotions any more. And the techniques are simple. They are not difficult to learn or use. Learning them does teach you how to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do your whole life.

But now you don’t have the be run by your emotional reactions any more. You don’t have to adopt addictive behaviors or turn to drugs or alcohol to escape feeling bad or stressed or traumatized. Now it is possible to learn how to resolve your stress and emotional pain quickly and thoroughly. If there is anything in life worth learning it is to learn and use the Pure Awareness Techniques. Doing so will liberate you from suffering, give you consistent access to your inner greatness and finally help you to have the live of your dreams… in fact it will give you a life you couldn’t even dream of having before.

To learn how to get the most out of learning and using the Pure Awareness Techniques and the other amazing resources of Human Software Engineering see the Programs available from Evolve Global.

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