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The Levels of Life Model

Levels of Life (with Pure Awareness at bottom)

Detailed Explanation

Everything is at its essence vibrating consciousness, vibrating awareness.

Pure Awareness is the essential constituent of everything that exists. Pure Awareness is un-manifest pure potential, pure energy, pure intelligence and it expresses itself as what appears to be everything in the manifest creation. When Pure Awareness vibrates it appears to be waves of energy. The energy is just vibrating awareness. We can’t see the energy but we can see the influence of the energy. Pure Awareness could be thought of as the subjective experience of the Unified Field from physics. The attributes of the Pure Awareness and the Unified Field are considered to be identical.

Examples – Waves on the ocean. It is the water that we see but we see it rise as waves because of the energy. The energy itself is invisible but it animates the water and we see the waves.

The energy of gravity holds us to the earth and keeps us from floating away. But we can’t see gravity, only it’s influence.

Physics tells us that everything is made of energy. But the energy is simply vibrating consciousness, vibrating awareness.

Matter is densely packed vibrating awareness. Physics says that everything is made of energy. Our physical organs of sensing cannot see the vibrating energy which is vibrating awareness. We just see what we call matter. This is due to the limitations of the senses, that they cannot see the fast moving densely packed vibrating awareness. They can only perceive it as matter.

The smallest molecule is apparently comprised of 1 billion quanta of energy.

So all molecules are forms of vibrating energy, which are really patterns of vibrating awareness.

Normally we don’t see molecules unless we have a very powerful microscope. Again this is due to the limitations of our physical senses. They can’t see the small molecules or the vibrating consciousness that makes up these molecules. What we can see is the matter that is made up of the molecules.

So there is a hierarchy of expression of vibrating awareness that goes like this:

This model is the reverse of the mechanical and chemical world view that holds that it is the presence of the chemistry and mechanical structures that create consciousness. This view is caused by the limitations of the physical organs of sensing and the assumption that if you cannot perceive something with the physical senses that then it doesn’t exist. But there is an important distinction lacking in this view.

There is a difference between the source of energy and the delivery systems of energy. Consider electrical power lines for example. The towers and wires make it possible to transport the electricity from one location to another.  This is a part of the delivery systems for electrical energy. But the towers and wires are not the source of the energy. The generators are turned by some other energy source such as water or steam or wind.

We know from physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed in how the energy is expressed. This non-destructibility of energy is because energy is vibrating awareness and awareness is the essential nature of existence itself. So neither awareness nor energy can be created or destroyed. They simply exist and move back and forth from non-specific awareness/energy into specific patterns of energy that appear in varying, fluctuating expressions as the diversity of everything we experience in life.

So the body is not the source of awareness. It is the other way around. It is awareness that gives life to and animates the body. The body is an expression of energy and is a highly specific pattern of energy that is also an energy delivery system just as the electrical towers and wires are an energy delivery system.

Therefore, we could say that awareness expresses itself in increasingly specific and therefore apparently increasingly manifest forms. Thoughts, feelings, perceptions and intentions are the level called Bio-Awareness.

The energy systems of the body, the electromagnetic fields of the tissues, cells, organs, glands, etc. and the energy of brain waves, the heart beat, breathing, metabolism, etc. – all of this we call the Bio-Energetic level.

The appearance of subatomic particles, atoms and molecules form the Bio-Chemical level.

The expression of vibrating awareness as the appearance of the cells, tissues and organs of the body is the Bio-Mechanical Level.

Then the last level is Bio-Environmental which includes the influence on us of everything in our surroundings, the physical objects such as plants, animals, humans, planets, stars, galaxies, the inanimate and animate physical world, the entire Universe. In particular this level is about how all of these things appear to influence us based on the reciprocal influence of our past actions. This is the expression of Newton’s third law of motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


A Basic Model of Human Software Engineering

This simple model contains one of the most important concepts of Human Software Engineering. It’s the idea that we must approach a problem at the level that it actually exists.

For example, if with your computer, you are having a problem printing and the problem is that the printer is jammed, or out of ink or the power cord is unplugged, then you have mechanical problems that need to be fixed and upgrading the printer driver software isn’t going to help.

On the other hand if the printer driver got corrupted changing the ink cartridges isn’t going to help either. We need to approach a problem at the right level, either hardware or software.

It’s the same with solving problems in human life. People tend to go by default to the area in which they have been trained. So if you are a surgeon, you will see the world through the eyes of a surgeon and be inclined toward surgery as your principle  therapeutic option. If you are an herbal medicine practitioner you will tend to see people’s problems as needing herbal remedies. For example, if someone goes to an herbal medicine practitioner for help with depression, they will likely get St. John’s wort as their remedy. And it is likely to help, at least until you stop taking it. But if the problem really lies in the need for an upgrade of the ability to resolve emotional issues, then the real answer and proper resolution of the depression will be found at a Bio-Awareness level.

In fact many people with depression who have had it for many years, even for most of their life, have found complete elimination of the depression sometimes in as little as one session with using the appropriate Human Software Engineering tools from the right level of life – typically Bio-Awareness.

The concept is that everything is made of vibrating awareness that expresses itself at different levels of manifestation. I’ve coined the term Bio-Awareness to describe the first level of life. The Bio-Awareness level includes intentions, thoughts, feelings, core dynamics, conditioning, traumas, fears, anxieties, etc. The pure awareness techniques are typically the optimal intervention at this level.

The next level up is called the Bio-Energetic level. This is where we have technologies like x-ray, radiation MRI, CAT scans, ultra-sound, various kinds of energy processing devices and techniques, homeopathy, Jin Shin, Qi Gong, acupuncture – these are all Bio-Energetic modalities.

Then we have the Bio-Chemical level. Everyone’s familiar with medicine, drugs, herbs, nutrition, diet, supplements, toxins, etc.

The next level is the Bio-Mechanical level where we have surgery, chiropractic, setting of broken bones, physical therapy, massage, bodywork, dental work, taking a shower, brushing your teeth… all the mechanical procedures.

And finally the fifth level of life is called Bio-Environmental and consists of all of the external influences that impact us including the reciprocal influences of all of our past actions. This is the level of operation of Newton’s third law of motion – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In modern society there is an expression that comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India that is commonly used to describe Newton’s third law. That’s the familiar word – karma. The word karma is a Sanskrit word that translates as “action,” However this translation is lacking in that karma also includes the fruits of the action. So karma is a term for Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

The reason we have this Levels of Life model is that we want to use the right modality for whatever the particular problem is.

When I had a bullet lodged in my body from being shot in the chest back in 1993, the right modality to get the bullet out was surgery.

Doing pure awareness techniques would not have gotten the bullet out. Using the homeopathic remedies would not have gotten the bullet out. Having some herbs or a special nutritional supplement would not have gotten the bullet out. I needed a Bio-Mechanical intervention.

Similarly, if you have trauma or anxiety, this typically resides is at the level of Bio-Awareness. This is why taking a drug can only mask the symptoms. That’s approaching the problem at the wrong level. In fact, there is apparently no research at all that substantiates the drug industry assertion that mental health problems are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. From what I have read this notion of mental health problems being caused by chemical imbalances in the brain was a thesis of some graduate student and the pharmaceutical industry picked up this idea and made it into a dogma to support the use of drugs to supposedly cure the chemical imbalances causing the problem. The general public has become convinced that this dogma is true but apparently it is simply not the case at all. It may be that chemical imbalances in the brain do occur as a consequence of someone having a “mental health” problem like anxiety or depression but that doesn’t mean they are causing the problem. They seem to be symptomatic rather than causal.

This is why medications are not going to actually be curative. So when we help people resolve trauma or anxiety or depression, disappointment, frustration, greif, etc., we help them resolve it at the place where it really lives – the Bio-Awareness level of life. This is why we have the levels of life model.

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This article was revised and update on June. 29, 2014