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The 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning

 Why do I take things so personally? What keeps me from starting or completing the truly important projects that would really make a difference in my life? The 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning — How to Get Out of Your Own Way is your next step in the journey to a life of freedom and fulfillment!

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What’s really going on?

Even though it seems like it is often our outer circumstances that are holding us back or that life just doesn’t seem to be bringing us the fulfillment of our desires, what’s really going on is that we are sabotaging ourselves because we are conflicted. The real basis of our inner conflicts can be found in our early childhood conditioning. That’s not anything new.

But what is new is that until now, the ways that we are that are based on our conditioning have seemed difficult if not impossible to change. It is as if that is just the way we are.

Everyone wants more out of life. But so often we can feel held back, and can’t really seem to figure it out! It can be frustrating and discouraging. We want to make progress in our business, our career, our relationships, but it is as if some invisible resistance just seems to be keeping us from having the life we really want.

We all know this feeling all too well. It comes from having conflicts inside of us between what we are inspired to do and all of the inner self-sabotaging, negative mind-talk that keeps us stuck as if in a squirrel cage, spinning our wheels. Well, we’ve got some good news… Now there’s a way out of the cage!

The 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning provides a new language and structure for understanding the nature of our conditioning. The Core Dynamics model is a part of an emerging new field called Human Software Engineering. The new insights, techniques and skills that are presented here, when learned and used, can help you liberate yourself from the invisible but powerful influences of your early childhood conditioning. Our childhood conditioning has a pervasive and insidious grip on us, controlling our behavior and decision making and keeping us locked into a very limited level of self expression and enjoyment of our lives.

Those who have been using The 12 Core Dynamics techniques and cultivating a life that is free of the presence of the Core Dynamics are finding to their amazement and delight, how quickly an easily they are now able to come out of the illusions caused by their conditioning. You too will be amazed to discover how The 12 Core Dynamics can transform your life.

What would it be like to have the Core Dynamics really absent from your life? You would:

  • Always trust and act on your intuition
  • Be free of the influence of the past and from concerns about the future
  • Be totally present, living in the moment, in the Now
  • Be free of being judgmental about yourself and others
  • Be free of habits of getting lost to the grip of emotion
  • Have the capacity to feel anything and everything
  • Be completely self-sufficient and independent
  • Have an depth of self-esteem and self-worth that makes them a non-issue
  • Live in a state of unconditional love of yourself, others and all of life
  • Live in tune with the flow of nature, “in the zone” all the time
  • Maintain a deep inner sense of peace and equanimity all the time
  • Be liberated to live the fullest possible expression of your unique talents and qualities
  • Be completely clear about your purpose and respond spontaneously to the needs of each moment with the fullness of your being

Wow! Not bad huh? Talk about a life worth living! Have you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions…

  • What’s holding me back from having what I really want in my life?
  • Why do I long to feel loved and never really do?
  • Why is it that when I accomplish a goal it doesn’t bring me the sense of fulfillment that I am hoping for?
  • Why do I sometimes get an inner intuitive sense about something and then find that I don’t act on it and then I regret it later?
  • Why do I get overwhelmed by feelings so easily?
  • Why am I so concerned with memories from the past or with fantasies about the future?
  • Why am I sometimes judgmental of others and myself?
  • Why is it so hard for me to stay present when my partner is upset?
  • Why do I take things so personally?
  • What keeps me from starting or completing the truly important projects that would really make a difference in my life?

The Core Dynamics insights show us that even when it seems as if outer circumstances are holding us back, in truth we are sabotaging ourselves with inner conflicts that occur between our natural intentions and our conditioned responses that are grounded in our early preverbal childhood conditioning.

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