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What is Human Software Engineering?

What is Human Software Engineering?

Tom Stone has been pioneering the field of Human Software Engineering since 1994. Human Software Engineering (HSE) is a new science that views the body and everything in it as patterns of energy and information. HSE is a unique combination of new insights that draw on various diverse fields such as physics and consciousness.

We created computers to automate certain human tasks. With computers, the software controls the hardware or output. With humans it is the same. Our inner human software made up of our thoughts, emotions, conditioning, traumas, identifications, intentions, etc. determines what we do – our output.

When we are not getting the output we want, such as optimal health and wellness, HSE looks to find the “bugs” in the inner human software that are sabotaging the desired output. HSE is exploring the nature of inner human software and how inner human software can be debugged and upgraded.

Inner conflicts are held in place by patterns of energy and information. Intellectual understanding and will are typically ineffective at removing them. Just as intellectually understanding that you have a virus on your computer doesn’t get it off of your hard drive. You must run the anti-virus software to remove the electro-magnetic charge that “is” the virus.

The same is true of Human Software Engineering. When you have a “bug” in your inner human software, typically intellectually understanding what it is doesn’t remove it. You have to to run the  human equivalent of anti-virus software.

So the first task of the development of Human Software Engineering was to figure out exactly what the bugs are in our inner human software. With extensive and unique research we discovered that there are fundamentally two kinds of bugs, those that exist on a “bio-energetic” level and those that exist on a “bio-awareness” level.

HSE views problems with human life as existing in layers that can be organized into these five primary levels. This model is called the levels of life and can be seen here – Levels of Life Model.

The aspects of HSE that are explained and taught in the programs on this site are new technologies and protocols that operate at the Bio-Awareness Levels of Life.

HSE has a unique set of tools, concepts, models, techniques and tools that now make it possible to rapidly and thoroughly “debug” and “upgrade” your inner human software. The combination of these new resources now make it possible to solve problems and make changes that were difficult or impossible to change in the past. Here are brief explanations of some of the main models and tools of HSE (Human Software Engineering):

•        The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning

•       The Pure Awareness Techniques

•       The Precision Intuition Tool

•       The Levels of Life

•       The Nature of Emotions

•       The HSE Protocol

There is an important purpose to each of these HSE tools.

The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning

This set of insights provides the answer to the question – What’s really going on? It makes conscious the unconscious patterns of conditioning that are mostly pre-verbal. This is an essential tool for getting to the real underlying basis of any problem

The Pure Awareness Techniques

The Pure Awareness Techniques provide precise, simple and powerful techniques for resolving the two kinds of Not-useful emotions. They are unique in the personal development/coaching world as they are experiential. They resolve the energy of the not-useful emotions quickly and thoroughly and most importantly they bring you to a state of Pure Awareness at the conclusion of the technique.

The Precision Intuition Tool

This is a new name for muscle-testing. The importance of the learning and using of this tool is that it allows the HSE sessions to be guided by the “knowing” in the body rather than by our “thinking” which tends to be driven by subtle or not-so-subtle emotionally based thoughts

The Levels of Life

This model combined with the Precision Intuition Tool allows you to know at what level the problem really resides. It helps to avoid pursuing a path of intervention based on your training and assumptions and instead again let’s the “knowing” of the body guide the selection of the optimal techniques to be used for each situation. It is the starting point of any HSE session.

The Nature of Emotions

This model makes the discrimination between useful and not-useful emotions and shows the structure of the categories of the not-useful emotions and which Pure Awareness Techniques are used for resolving them.

The HSE Protocol

The HSE Protocol is a systematic series of steps that are guided by use of the Precision Intuition Tool. This systematic process helps to insure a positive outcome of every HSE session.

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