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Human Software Engineering, the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning and Tom Stone's latest work is now available on a new site:

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Emotional Mastery – Chinese Edition

Emotional Mastery – Chinese Edition

(The book will be published in November, 2014)

If you have arrived at this site by reading the book Emotional Mastery by Tom Stone in Chinese, then please register for the free membership to the site using the form on the right side of the page. This will give you access to lots of free articles and other free resources. Some of these such as videos are currently only available in English. However, there are many free articles so you can learn a lot about Emotional Mastery from reading them.

A new site will be available within the next few weeks. We will send out an email to those who have registered for the free membership at this site letting you know when the new site is ready.

This site has the Google Translate function so you can select your language by using the menu in the upper right of the pages. Once activated it will make the text of the whole site available in your language. It isn’t perfect translation but it will give you the feel for the content.

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to sharing the new site with you soon. In the meantime enjoy exploring the free resources section of this site that you will access to once you join as a free member.


The Chinese edition of Emotional Mastery is published by and available from: Beijing Huazhang Grpahics & Information Co., Ltd No. 1, Nanjie Baiwanzhuang Xicheng District, Beijing 100037

Workshops, seminars and private one-on-one sessions on Emotional Mastery using Human Software Engineering (HSE) are available in China from our China partner – Asia Coaching Company.

Seminars and Training Program are presented in China from time to time by Tom Stone as well as by Certified HSE Emotional Mastery Presenters. When Tom presents seminars and workshops they are presented in English with Chinese translation.

Private sessions are available from Certified Human Software Engineers.

For more information about HSE and Emotional Mastery in China please see the website of Asia Coaching Company (ACC):


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