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Human Software Engineering, the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning and Tom Stone's latest work is now available on a new site:

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Emotional Mastery book web page references

Emotional Mastery book web page references

These videos are currently only available in English

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Im Buch “Emotional Mastery” von Tom Stone sind einige Hinweise auf die Website enthalten. Diese Themen werden hier jeweils mit Links zu weiteren Informationen gelistet.

Wenn Sie das Buch in anderen Sprachen bestellen möchten oder sich für die örtlichen Kurse und Trainingsprogramme in dem jeweiligen Land interessieren, klicken Sie bitte auf den entsprechenden Link:

In the Emotional Mastery book by Tom Stone there are several references to web pages. This page lists the topics from the book with links to more information on each topic.

For specific information, ordering the book in different languages and access to local courses and training programs in different countries click on the appropriate link below:

Learn more about:

The Basics of HSE – Learn how to do the Pure Awareness Techniques

Private sessions from a Certified Human Software Engineer

Debugging the Pain of the Past – Want some help from an experienced and Certified HSE Trauma Resolution Specialist? See the videos above as well as this page – Vaporize Your PTSD.

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Emotional Mastery and prosperity

An HSE Specialized Program that includes 15 live classes via the Internet given by Tom Stone – founder of HSE.  The classes will be given in English with simultaneous translation into 35 languages with voice and 78 languages with subtitles. You will be able to listen in your language of choice. You also have the option of getting individual sessions to thoroughly debug your inner human software to remove your inner barriers to becoming more prosperous. These sessions are also available in English, German and Chinese.

HSE Corporate Development Programs

HSE based programs are available to debug and upgrade the inner human software of management and employees within companies, non-profit organizations as well as government and other organizations. Our specialized Corporate Development Programs include:

in addition, programs can be developed to meet specialized needs of your organization.

Emotional Competence training programs:

Become an Ambassador of the Global Campaign for Emotional Competence

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