WaveMaker Pro

The WaveMaker Technology is one of the technologies used in Human Software Engineering. It is an electronic device that uses the principles of wave interference from physics to cancel out unwanted ultra-fine energy patterns in the body. It works on the same principle as a noise-canceling headset but instead of canceling out environmental noise, it cancels out very weak electromagnetic fields in the body. The electromagnetic fields that it cancels out are some of the “bugs” in your inner human software.

There are two versions of this technology currently available:

Uses of this technology:

The WaveMaker Technology can be used to “debug” your inner human software for problems that reside at the Bio-energetic level of life. See the Levels of Life Chart and explanation here – Levels of Life.

This includes the energy fields of pathogens, toxic substances, allergens, epigenetic influences such as miasms and retox childhood disease, etc.

It can also be used to debug your inner human software for the energy that holds your conditioning in place. This includes debugging for the 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning as well as all of the habits that get built on that conditioning.

There are certain applications of debugging with the WaveMaker that are highly effective and of high value to clients. Three of the many such applications include:

  1. TB Miasm Debugging for better focus, faster and more effortless reading and other benefits
  2. Allergy debugging
  3. WaveScanner* debugging for issues of pain and other applications

*Note that the WaveScanner is a software module that is only available with the WaveMaker Pro, not the WaveMaker. 

These applications have the following characteristics:

  • Low level of training required to provide the therapy
  • High perceived value
  • Experience has shown that people are willing to pay cash for these therapies avoiding the hassle of and administration of insurance claims.
  • They are all relatively quick – testing and therapy sessions are typically less than half an hour
  • The therapies are completely painless
  • They are non-invasive and completely safe
  • Large percentages of the population have these problems and can benefit from these therapies

This makes these three applications ideal for building a profitable business.

This concept is much more of a business than a “practice.” The use of the WaveMaker Pro technology in Europe where it originated is more to help a limited number of people solve a broad range of health and wellness problems. This requires extensive training and lots of additional resources such as test kits which are sets of ampoules filled with fluids and imprinted with the energy patterns of such things as allergens, pathogens, environmental toxins, etc.

The concept of offering these three forms of debugging people’s inner human software provides a business model that is more highly leveraged.

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